How much do window replacements cost?

Posted by Rachel Nugent on Apr 20th 2018

Window replacement costs can vary. Depending on the new replacement window you want and the conditions of the exterior walls, a lot of these qualities will factor in to the total price. Factors such as, are there windows that need to be replaced on a second floor? That means we need a ladder or maybe even a scaffold. Either way, to protect the workers, the price needs to be raised because of liability. Things like what is the wall condition like? Is it stucco? Wood? Is there siding that may be hard to work with?

Do you want new vinyl windows? Or maybe Fiberglass? Did you want grid options? Paint options? Again, these features can add a premium to the price. Let's start with what kind of windows you have first as that will factor in to how tedious the labor may or may not be. 

If you have a wood window currently, the labor applied to this means hammering and taking out wood molding that holds the window in. If the windows have been painted and doesn't budge or hasn't been moved in a long time, that will be a problem too. Wood windows may also need a new sill or a new frame because of age and rotting. 

Let's say you have aluminum windows currently set in. Is the aluminum frame protruding from the exterior walls? What kind of aluminum windows are in currently? Dual Pane or single pane?

These are just some factors to consider when replacing your old windows. To get a better idea, contact your local window store to get a price. Tell them the kind of windows you have currently and maybe even get a rough measurement for them to work with. Makes it easier for you and for the installer. 

Let us know if you have any questions.

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